Why we love Horsetail Butter!

You already know what's NOT in our natural hair care products, parabens, sulfates, mineral oils & definitely no harmful chemicals, but do you know what's in them?

In the next few weeks, I plan to spotlight our favorite ingredients and why they make our products so special. First up is Horsetail butter, while we love Shea butter, we also love Horsetail butter.

Horsetail butter is mineral rich and contains the silica. Silica is important because it forms collagen which is a protein found in you body's skin and bones. Silica also helps to strengthen weak, brittle, damaged hair giving it vitality and shine.

Collagen and elastin both found in Horsetail extract also improve the elasticity in the hair meanwhile the high mineral content of Horsetail Butter also promotes hair growth.

So needless to say, we love Horsetail Butter!

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