Bacuri Butter is officially my new best friend. I love not only the rich aroma and color of this butter, I love how good it feels on my skin. It’s dark color leaves a golden glow on your skin that absorbs quickly but creates almost a barrier that leaving your skin super soft and velvety smooth.


Bacuri is from the Brazilian Amazon Forest  and has both the color and consistency of fudge. After using it one time, Bacuri butter was instantly promoted to the most magical of all butters in my buttercream recipes. 


It’s excellent for all skin types, including oily and sensitive skin and has firming, moisturizing, astringent, soothing and cell renewal properties. 


Even with all these benefits, my favorite thing about Bacuri Butter is that it can be used to reduce the appearance of blemishes. It’s effective at reducing rashes, acne, hyper-pigmentation and scarring, which leads me to the reason why I initially sought out this magical butter. 


My husband works outdoors and is pretty hard on his body. One thing in particular that’s important part of his uniform are his work boots. After going through 3 pair in the last year, he finally found a pair that fit well, look good and are durable. So what could be the problem? 


The boots are 8 inch lace up so they stop right under his calf muscle. The boots rub against his leg and overtime have left a line around his leg on both legs, almost like a boot print? It doesn’t rub off and looks like a scar although it’s not raised. 


As most of us know, skin of color is prone to dark marks because if it’s cellular makeup. The melanocytes which are the pigment cells that give your skin its color are very active in dark skin. Any irritation or trauma even in the slightest way can cause the melanocytes in that particular area to accelerate. This causes the cells to react and create more melanin. End result? Dark marks, blotches or spots. 


As I was looking for ways to diminish the lines and a couple other scars he has I found Bacuri Butter. Now that I’ve perfected my recipe which will be available on Monday, I took a Day 1 pic of my husband’s legs and plan to update the scar diminishing progress. 


Stay tuned!




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