We love Black Tea

Black tea has so many benefits. It’s not only good for your digestive system and heart when drinking, but it’s excellent for your skin too.

Black tea fights free radicals, rooibos clears up acne, and the caffeine in it helps minimize puffiness making it excellent for dry, dull itchy skin.

Black Tea is also an anti-inflammatory which not only helps to reduce swelling in the skin, but it also increases circulation and promotes skin regeneration.

I don’t know how true this is, but I read that:

Black tea originated in China in 1590 around late Ming Dynasty and early Qing dynasty. Earlier, the Chinese would only drink green or oolong tea. Legend has it that army men while passing through the Fujian province took shelter in a tea factory, which stopped the production of green or oolong tea. The tea leaves dried out in the Sun and got oxidized. When the army men left, the factory resumed making tea, but the color color of the tea was red or black and tasted more rejuvenating and aromatic. Now, in order to speed up the process of oxidation, the army men decided to smoke the tea leaves over pine wood.

Our latest, Black Tea Buttercream is not only made with Bkack Tea, but we add skin nourishing Calendula Butter, Camellia Seed oil, Bamboo and Milk Thistle. Mango butter helps heal dry skin.


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