Bakery Bag

Magically Sweet!

Our March Bakery Bag features scents that are magically sweet! With a nod to St Patrick’s Day and of course something sweet, our Bakery Bag is a guilt free, calorie free skin treat. 

From White Chocolate Apple to Mystical and Unicorn, each scent is a mystically  sweet fragrance. Detailed scent description below.

Choose from the 3 options below

Option 1: Whipped Soap + Shea Buttercream 

Option 2: Whipped Soap, Shea Buttercream + Bath Crumbles

Option 3: Whipped Soap, Shea Buttercream, Bath Crumbles & Candle. 



A joyful blend of sparkling prosecco, Peach Melba with juicy watermelon and sugar.

White Chocolate Apple

Crisp green apple with pear and melon blend with decadent white chocolate and vanilla.


Water lily, white iris and pear blossom blend with coconut nectar and Jasmine for a light yet enchanting scent. 

Bakery Bag

from $ 12.00