Buttercream Bistro

We believe you should smell good without the junk of additives, harmful chemicals and words you can't pronounce. We also don't believe you should have to reapply body cream multiple times a day. Your body cream should feel good on + be good to your skin. 

I have handcrafted each one of my buttercream recipes with ingredients to moisturize and nourish. Our buttercreams are made with rich butters, skin loving oils and are whipped into a rich buttercream that pampers your skin.

Each buttercream from our Buttercream Bistro is uniquely different, feels different and has different ingredients. Please read the descriptions to choose your favorite!

 At the Buttercream Bistro, you choose your Buttercream base and scent.

Step 1. Choose your size. 

Step 2. Choose your Buttercream base

We have 12 Buttercream Bases to choose from.

Aloe Milk: Our lightest Buttercream blend made with Goat Milk, Aloe oil and Silk. This blend is has a light fluffy texture yet keeps your skin feeling smooth and soft.

Cocoa Whipped Buttercream is a decadent blend of Cocoa and Shea Butters with Sweet Almond Oil. This Buttercream is rich but does not leave your skin greasy or tacky.

Shea Buttercream is our signature Buttercream made with 25% Shea Butter and rejuvenating Grape Seed oil. This blend is the perfect all day moisturizer.

Cranberry Butter is an intensive blend of Tucuma and Shea Butters with Cranberry extract and Sunflower oil is our creamiest moisturizer. Cranberry Butter restores and rejuvenates dry skin, improves elasticity and hydration.

This buttercream has a natural pink hue.

Banana Smoothie is an indulgent blend of skin loving ingredients whipped up in a rich cream that feeds your skin. We start with Bananas and add a 3 Butter blend of Shea, Cocoa and Tucuma with Sunflower and Sweet Almond oils.

Honey Oat  is a rich, soothing buttercream made with oatmeal, honey and goat milk. We use moisturizing Illipe butter with sweet almond and sunflower oils to nourish dry skin and help skin conditions like eczema.

Lavender Cocoa is a relaxing & moisturizing blend of buttercream that calms your senses. This blend is made with Lavender water, Lavender & Cocoa butters, coconut milk, chamomile extract and Sunflower oil.

Coffee Lovers: 

Fresh brewed coffee, Cupuaçu Butter and Macadamia Nut create a creamy lightweight buttercream that seals in moisture, improve elasticity and softens the skin. 

Berry Whip is a rejuvenating and regenerative buttercream whipped to perfection with superfoods Blueberry and Pomegranate. We add antioxidant rich Walnut oil for added moisture and to treat inflammatory skin conditions. This buttercream has a whipped texture.

This buttercream may have small flecks of blueberry seeds.

Turmeric Ginger Rich and creamy, turmeric ginger buttercream is a hydrating blend of Turmeric, Ginger Root, Shea Butter with Avocado oil. 

Green Tea Cucumber

Pamper your skin with organic matcha green tea and soothing cucumber. Shea & Monoi butters are whipped with Cucumber seed and Sunflower oils to create a creamy, lightweight yet deeply moisturizing buttercream.


Bacuri Butter is excellent for all skin types, including oily and sensitive skin and has firming, moisturizing, astringent, soothing and cell renewal properties. It’s also effective at reducing rashes, acne, hyper-pigmentation and scarring.

Step 3. Choose from our Scent Menu and place your order!

Shea Buttercream

from $ 12.00

Cocoa Whipped

from $ 12.00

Aloe Milk Buttercream

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from $ 25.00

Turmeric Ginger

from $ 15.00

Berry Whip

from $ 15.00

Coffee Lovers

from $ 17.00


$ 5.00

Wine Lovers

from $ 17.00