About Us

Sweet On You is my beauty bakery that combines my obsession with dessert and all things sweet and my love for skin care. 


It’s been a journey to arrive here where I’m finally doing what I love to do. This journey  began in 2013 when I started making buttercream for myself because I got tired of spending my money on brand name moisturizers that I constantly went through because I had to keep reapplying. 


While I loved the smell, they did nothing for my skin. It was also around this time that my youngest daughter started school. She  repeatedly came home frustrated with her puff because it was natural and not straight. After giving in and blow drying it, I realized that it was not healthy. How could this be, I thought I was doing everything right? I set out to figure out how to correct it. The more I researched and learned ingredients, read the back of jars and bottles,  I realized her hair would never be healthy if I continued using those products. As I learned about ingredients for hair, I also learned  many of those same ingredients are in our skincare and knew there was a better option. 


Along the way, I’ve personally learned how important it is to treat your body with care. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, I realize everyday how important it is to only ingest what is good for your body because #ingredientsmatter 


I believe that good quality skincare should pamper and love your skin so I use rich butters and skin loving oils in all of my creations and my products are always paraben, sulfate and phthalate free. 


I hope you enjoy you enjoy my handmade creations!