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Super creamy and fluffy, Pumpkin Honey Butter is whipped to perfection with a combination of Hempseed and Shea butters, tamanu oil, honey and pumpkin. 

Why we ❤️ it:

Pumpkin is packed with fruit enzymes, alpha hydroxy acids, antioxidants and zinc. Pumpkin brightens and smooths your skin while combating acne and prevents aging.

 Tamanu oil helps with the regeneration of skin and also helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

Hempseed butter is rich in Omega-3 and Omega 6-fatty acids. These essential fatty acids help to restore the elasticity in your skin. 


Available in:

Pumpkin pecan

Vanilla Pumpkin 

Sweet potato 

Whipped cream 



Water, aloe juice, hempseed butter, pumpkin, Shea butter, tamanu oil, sunflower oil, honey, Stearic acid, ewax, vegetable glycerin, preservative, Vitamin E, fragrance.